Tributes flood in for South Shields teenagers killed in Manchester bomb attack

The deaths of Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry were confirmed last night.
The deaths of Chloe Rutherford and Liam Curry were confirmed last night.

Tributes have flooded in for a South Shields couple as the town wakes up to the devastating news that they lost their lives in the Manchester suicide bomb atrocity.

Chloe Rutherford, 17, and Liam Curry, 19, were last night confirmed to have died in Monday's attack at Manchester Arena.

They had been missing since the Ariana Grande concert at the arena, with their frantic families having been desperately waiting for information.

Tragically, last night they received the news none of them wanted to hear when Greater Manchester Police confirmed they had died.

Tributes have been pouring in overnight on the Gazette's Facebook page.

Claire Blake posted: "Heartbreaking..going to a concert and not coming home!! It's more than sad!!

"They had so much to live for..keep safe everybody and tell your family you love them!! Xxx"

Hayley Defty added: "So sorry to hear of this news, just heartbreaking.

"Chloe and Liam who had so much ahead of them. A cruel world we live in.

"Sending love to both families. Can't imagine what you are going through.

"It has touched all of our hearts. South Shields will pull together and give you the strength to get you through this terrible time. Xxx"

Lynda Rutherford wrote: "This is devastating news. I was hoping they would be found safe and well!!

"Together forever!!! Thoughts are with their family and friends!!! Look after each other now Liam and Chloe. RIP!"

Meanwhile, Coun Iain Malcolm, the leader of South Tyneside Council, paid tribute to the pair on Twitter.

He posted: "Desperately sad day for South Shields, which has lost two intelligent and beautiful young adults in the Manchester bombing.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to their families, we are all sharing their pain and grief at this terrible news."

South Shields Football Club added on Twitter: "Such devastating news.

"Our hearts break for both families and all who knew these two beautiful souls. Rest in peace, Chloe and Liam."

Back on Facebook, Judith Payne said: "Heart wrenching news so sad....thoughts are with there families and friends...taken so tragically far to soon. RIP sweethearts xx"

Andrea Howard posted: "This is so heart breaking. Rest in peace Chloe and Liam. My deepest sympathies to their parents and all their loved ones xx"

Jill Greaves added: "Heartbreaking. My deepest thoughts go out to both families at this devastating time.

"Lives taken far to early with many adventures to live for. R.I.P Angels x x fly together forever. So sad."

Mark Coates said: "So so sad, this has me in tears. God bless their families."

Sharon Banks wrote: "Two beautiful angels.

"Heartfelt thoughts to their families and friends...I cannot begin to imagine the immensity of their grief x"

Jean Broughton McDonald added: "Heartbreaking. It's the news you hope you are not going to hear.

"Two young beautiful lives taken. So sad. Thoughts being sent to both families. RIP x"

Marilyn Chapman posted: "Can't even begin to imagine the pain and devastation the families will be feeling. My heart aches for them."

Linda Jukes said: "RIP. Such sad news, thoughts and prayers for you all. Can't imagine what you are all going through...xxxxx"

Muriel Nichol wrote: "Absolutely heartbreaking, RIP sweet angels, together forever, thoughts are with both families xx"

Beverley Cornell added: "So sad, two young people with their life ahead - too tragic for words. Thoughts with their families x"

Cheryl McDonald posted: "Absolutely devastated for their family and friends.

"This will break the hearts of everyone in our community. RIP Chloe & Liam x"

Ian Dunn said: "So sad. My thoughts go to the family and friends of these innocent young people who had everything to live for."

Allison Robson Bailey wrote: "Don't think iv ever wanted something more in my life than these two to return home safe ..thinking of their loved ones.. I'm GUTTED."

Mandi Adams added: "The news we never wanted to see from a fellow Sanddancer, big loss to small town!! Love to both families so sad!!"