Tributes paid to popular South Tyneside club singer

Ronnie Richardson, who has died.
Ronnie Richardson, who has died.

A popular South Tyneside club singer has been laid to rest to the sound of his own music.

Ronnie Richardson was a familiar face on the region’s club circuit form the 1970s onwards.

The 83-year-old from Julius Court, Mile End Road, South Shields, passed away on June 22.

Daughter Beverley Elliott, 55, said: “Dad was very popular back in the day he was always singing not only round the clubs in Shields, but also the rest of the region.

“A lot of people will recognise his name and picture.

“Dad was born in South Shields, but lived in North Shields for a time too.”

She added: “He was always coming back to South Shields, so that’s why we’re going to scatter his ashes off the pier right in the middle, so he can be in both places.”

During the 1970s, Ronnie, who was also father to Neil, and Susan, who died in 2010 aged 51, was a regularly performed at the Unionist Club in Laygate and the County Hotel in Sunderland Road.

When he wasn’t singing the grandfather-of-six was a very keen amateur golfer and tennis player.

After winning a talent show in a Newcastle club in the 1970s with his rendition of Andy Williams’ ‘Home Loving Man’, Ronnie went on a tour of England, Scotland and Wales.

There he made a name for himself as he travelled and worked with the likes of entertainer Bob Monkhouse and many other top acts of the time.

Ronnie’s funeral was held at South Shields Crematorium last week.

and the congregation was played his tapes.