TV’s Hebburn star’s charity gigs

COMEDY NIGHT ... Jason Cook, creator of TV sitcom Hebburn.
COMEDY NIGHT ... Jason Cook, creator of TV sitcom Hebburn.

A COMEDIAN who penned a popular TV programme about his South Tyneside home town has announced a charity gig in the borough.

Jason Cook, who wrote and starred in the BBC2 sitcom Hebburn, will be reunited with his cast members and fellow comics for the event, which will raise funds for four good causes.

The stand-up comic will perform alongside Chris Ramsey, Neil Grainger, Steffen Peddie and Alfie Joey at Hebburn Buffs on July 12.

Tickets are £12 and all proceeds will go towards Hebburn Stroke Club, the British Thyroid Foundation and Cancer Research, as well as The Poppleton School of Dance, based at Jarrow’s Primrose Community Centre. Cook said: “All the charities have a special place in my heart, my daughter has congenital hypothyroidism, my father suffered a stroke and ultimately died from cancer, and my niece attends the Poppleton School of Dance.”

He had originally planned to hold a number of gigs in venues across the town.

He added: “Unfortunately, I just haven’t been able to get that to work this time, mainly because we decided to do the event with so little time to sort everything out for it.

“I was trying to get a marquee to put on the pitch at Hebburn Town Football Club, but finding one that someone would give us without taking money out of the ticket sales was just not possible.”

However, he hasn’t been put off trying to organise a bigger gig in the town.

Cook added: “This is the just the first one, we’re going to do it again, probably in the autumn. So we’ll have a big meeting and decide what we are going to do, and who in the town is willing to help us.

“But the meetings are a bit boring. After all, the committee is my wife, my mam and my sister, Alix.

“I just sit there and after they have decided what they want to do, I go along with it.

“All joking aside, Alix has been the driving force behind this whole thing. Without her kicking me up the bum, I doubt we’d ever have got this off the ground.”

The gig is at Hebburn Buffs in William Street, Hebburn, on July 12. Tickets can be bought by e-mailing

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