Union calls for pledge to halt education funding crisis

Jill McManus of the  NUT.
Jill McManus of the NUT.

Teaching union bosses in South Tyneside are calling for pledges to education from election candidates.

The National Union of Teachers and the National Association of Head Teachers say due to cuts and changes to funding formulas the nation’s schools are facing a cash crisis.

“We want to see a commitment from all candidates standing in the General Election in South Tyneside constituencies to promise to increase school funding

Jill Mcmanus

By 2020 they say South Tyneside will have lost £7,285,105 from its education budget, which is £391 per child, compared to 2015.

The unions, along with the ATL and the GMB, have created a website mapping the funding changes for every school in the country.

They updated the website this week so voters can directly email the parliamentary candidates in their area urging them to make a pledge to oppose cuts.

South Shields’ candidates, Emma Lewell-Buck, Labour, and Shirley Ford, Green Party, have already made the pledge, as have Jarrow candidates Stephen Hepbun, Labour and David Herbert, the GFreen party.

Jill McManus, South Tyneside NUT Secretary, said: “Already head teachers are saying that they cannot cope with the current levels of funding and we are seeing staffing cuts in some of our schools.

“This is a situation that will only get worse if the previous Government’s National Funding Formula is implemented.

“We want to see a commitment from all candidates standing in the General Election in South Tyneside constituencies to promise to increase school funding.

“Parents and children in South Tyneside deserve better and our politicians should be standing with us in demanding investment in our schools.”

For information visit www.schoolcuts.org.uk.