Vote for the Shields Gazette Pub of the Year

It's your chance to vote for the Shields Gazette Pub of the Year.
It's your chance to vote for the Shields Gazette Pub of the Year.

We all have different ideas of what makes a perfect pub.

Do you prefer a cosy traditional ale house, with comfy seats, crackling fire, the happy hum of background conversation and a pint?

Perhaps it’s the banter and cheer of a buzzing street corner boozer, or gleaming city bar, craft beers and rustic snacks? Yes, pubs are a haven of solace and authenticity.

Tell us who balances charm and history, service and sympathy, a well-stocked bar and hearty food, all pulled together with effortless professionalism.

Who should make the top ten from our list of nominees?

To vote, buy a copy of the Gazette and complete our competition coupon stating the full name, address and voting number of your favourite from the list.

Closing date for votes is Friday, September 21, with entry forms appearing in each night's paper until then.

Please note, unfortunately we can’t accept any photocopied or defaced coupons; coupons delivered by hand or after the closing date.

SGZ001 Hebburn Iona, Station Road, Hebburn.

SGZ002 The White Lead, Blackett Street, Hebburn.

SGZ003 Elmfield Social Club & Institute Ltd, Campbell Park Road, Hebburn.

SGZ004 The Cock Crow Inn, Mill Lane, Hebburn.

SGZ005 The Ben Lomond, Grange Road West, Jarrow.

SGZ006 Barbara Carr, Chapel Road, Jarrow.

SGZ007 The Queens, 7 Gowan Court, Jarrow.

SGZ008 The Royal Oak, 117-121 Grange Road, Jarrow.

SGZ009 The Greyhound Inn, Hedworth Lane, Jarrow.

SGZ010 The Red Hackle, Perth Avenue, Jarrow.

SGZ011 The Boldon Lad, Hedworth Lane, Jarrow.

SGZ012 The Prince of Wales, Calf Close Lane, Jarrow.

SGZ013 Lord Nelson Inn, Monkton Village, Jarrow.

SGZ014 The Robin Hood Inn, Roman Road, Jarrow.

SGZ015 The Address Bar & Restaurant, 5 Market Place, South Shields.

SGZ016 Mechanics Arms, 3 East Street, South Shields.

SGZ017 The Riverside, 3 Mill Dam, South Shields.

SGZ018 The Steamboat, 27 Mill Dam, South Shields.

SGZ019 Tinker Smiths, Stanhope Road, South Shields.

SGZ020 Stags Head, 45 Fowler Street, South Shields.

SGZ021 Trimmers Arms, 34 Commercial Road, South Shields.

SGZ022 The Scotia, 1 Mile End Road, South Shields.

SGZ023 Life of Riley, Moorgate House 5 Mile End Road, South Shields.

SGZ024 The Wouldhave - J D Wetherspoon, 16 Mile End Road, South Shields.

SGZ025 Bee Hive Inn, Mile End Road, South Shields.

SGZ026 Hogarths, 14 Mile End Rd, South Shields.

SGZ027 Clover & Wolf, Brigham Place, South Shields.

SGZ028 Harbour Lights, 101 Lawe Road, South Shields.

SGZ029 Kirkpatricks, Ocean Road, South Shields.

SGZ030 Ship & Royal, 3 Ocean Road, South Shields.

SGZ031 The Opal Bar Ltd, 30 Ocean Road, South Shields.

SGZ032 The Pier, 140 - 142 Ocean Road, South Shields.

SGZ033 The Sand Dancer Ltd, Sea Road, South Shields.

SGZ034 Ziggy’s, South Shields.

SGZ035 The Voyager, 145 Anderson Street, South Shields.

SGZ036 The Westoe, Horsley Hill Square, South Shields.

SGZ037 New Crown, Mowbray Road, South Shields.

SGZ038 Chichester Arms, 1-3 Chichester Road, South Shields.

SGZ039 Nine Bar & Lounge, 33 Dean Road, South Shields.

SGZ040 Britannia, Charlotte Terrace, South Shields.

SGZ041 County Hotel, 34 Sunderland Road, South Shields.

SGZ042 Adam Eve, 2 Frederick St, South Shields.

SGZ043 Last Orders, 1 Stanley St, South Shields.

SGZ044 The Grey Hen, 141 Temple Park Road, South Shields.

SGZ045 The Vigilant, 165 Sunderland Road, South Shields.

SGZ046 The Fountain, 116 Highfield Road, South Shields.

SGZ047 Harley’s Bar, 252 Sunderland Road, South Shields.

SGZ048 The Bamburgh, Bamburgh Avenue, South Shields.

SGZ049 The Marsden Grotto, Coast Road, South Shields.

SGZ050 White Horse Inn, Quarry Lane, South Shields.

SGZ051 The Marsden Inn, Redwell Lane, South Shields.

SGZ052 Rose and Crown, 491-493 Prince Edward Road, South Shields.

SGZ053 The Old Ship Inn, 147 Sunderland Road, South Shields.

SGZ054 The Bridge, Wenlock Road, South Shields.

SGZ055 The Colliery Tavern, 2 Hedworth Lane, Boldon.

SGZ056 The Story Book, Boldon Leisure Park, Abingdon Way, Boldon Colliery.

SGZ057 Weatsheaf Hotel, 5 St Nicholas Road, Boldon.

SGZ058 The Black Bull, 98 Front Street, Boldon.

SGZ059 The Grey Horse, Front Street, Boldon.

SGZ060 Holborn Rose and Crown, Hill Street, South Shields, NE331RN.