Vote: Which shop would you most like to see in South Shields town centre?

The news that bargain store B&M would be moving into a bigger premises in South Shields was not welcomed by all of you.

Which shops would you like to see come to South Shields?
Which shops would you like to see come to South Shields?

Dozens of you had your say on the move on our Shields Gazette Facebook page - with many of you making calls for a Primark, and other stores, to come to town instead. But which shop would you most like to see in the town centre? Vote in our online poll and let us know.

Work is underway to open a new branch of B&M in the town's former BHS store in Waterloo Square. The current B&M, in North Street, will close. Five new jobs will be created by the move.

BHS in South Shields.

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Empty BHS store to become new B&M branch for South Shields town centre

Here are some of your comments from social media.

John Kelford: "The current B&M shop is poor compared to the larger ones in Washington and Gateshead so moving to bigger premises will be much better. It's like Toys R Us for adults."

Tammy Reed: "Shields doesn't have the foot fall for a Primark if we ever did get a Primark the phase will last a few months. I can't see people popping in a few times a week for bits and bobs. Shields is dying a death. It's the private landlords with extortionate rent and rundown buildings to blame, not our council."

BHS in South Shields.

Mark Pinckney: "The problem with South Shields, is that the locals only spend 3.3% of their disposable incomes in the town centre. It needs to be 10% minimum to be viable.

"According to the "Master Plan" the residents of Shields are spending 57% of their income in Newcastle, Sunderland and the Metro Centre.

"Whilst the opening of this shop is good news, I don't expect the good people of Shields to flood back to the town because of a new B&M store."

John Reay: "New jobs are always welcome, but we need quality stores if the town centre is to improve. Still no reason for me to visit."

Aidan Maughan: "Don’t get why people keep raving on about Primark, the council offered them a much bigger bespoke building and they said no thanks, what makes you think they want to be in smaller building in a town they aren’t interested in."

Wendy Fraser Shepherd: "Exactly what we don't need in a diminishing town centre! Why can't we have some decent quality stores, which will bring in more revenue to the town!"

Chris Brown: "The location would have made a great place for an M&S simply food, get them back in the town please."

Gemma Long: "I’d like to see a Smyths Toy Store somewhere also. I think this is a good move for B & M as current shop just too small for number of people. Call it tatty if you want, but their stuff is just as good for half the price."

Susan Clarkson: "We need different shops in the town, not shops that are already there. What's going to happen to the old B&M shop. Empty for years l bet."

Lynn Mcmanus: "It’s jobs for the town and at least it’s opening up an empty premises which the town is full of."