War on dog dirt in muck-hit town

Coun John McCabe with parking signage behind Hebburn Shopping Centre
Coun John McCabe with parking signage behind Hebburn Shopping Centre

ACTION is being taken to tackle dog dirt and fly-tipping in Hebburn.

Rising concern at the level of dog muck and litter in the town has led to the launch of an initiative to address the two problems.

More metal bins are to be placed in hot-spot areas, including the riverside, along the mineral line and in Fountain Park.

Fly-tippers are also to be targeted and more fines issued for offenders, members of South Tyneside Council’s Hebburn community area forum were informed yesterday.

Council officers are being trained to collate evidence, including video footage, to support prosecutions.

And pupils at Hebburn schools are to be taught to treat their environment with respect in the hope of stopping them adding to the problems in years to come.

The move comes as fly-tipping, litter and dog dirt were named as the town’s priority areas for action.

Hebburn South councillor John McCabe said: “Priorities change over the years. Ten years ago, it was anti-social behaviour, and another time, it was burglaries.

“The problem with dog muck and litter is horrendous, and we need action. We know from our own eyes and from the sample surveys of public opinion that these issues need to be addressed.

“People should know that we mean business, and offenders need to know they will face prosecution.”