Warmer weather for North East – but don’t put away the waterproofs


After the spells of rain we had over the weekend.

Mother nature is going to be nice to the North East this week, with warmer weather set to kick in.

It may be time to rock those crocs and bring out those Bermuda shorts that have been hiding away in the cupboard.

Starting from today, we will see bright sunny spells.

Feeling warmer towards the coast,the weather will be better than last weekend.

Tonight will be a little cooler with a few thick clouds over the sky in the evening.

Though we may not see the sun until later on in the afternoon into Tuesday.

The weather will be similar to Monday, feeling warm and staying bright.

Midweek, it may be time to put back the flip flops and bring out the waterproofs.

Wednesday is the all change day for weather.

We can say goodbye to the sun and the hot weather.

Expect thick clouds and wind, with heavy rain in the afternoon.

We advise you to stay indoors as the sun will not have his hat on on Wednesday.

Don’t get too excited when you see the sun on Thursday.

It will be sunny but don’t expect the temperatures that we had on Monday.

Feeling like an average day of weather, the maximum temperature will be 12C.

Friday is just another dull day with weather.

Turning out to be just the same as Thursday, with a few light winds and a few sunny spells.

Though we have high hopes for the weekend, so don’t forget the sandals all together.