Watch DeAndre Yedlin mock World Cup star Neymar during USA's meeting with Brazil

Newcastle and USA defender DeAndre Yedlin came face-to-face with Neymar last night- and enjoyed a light-hearted exchange with the referee about the PSG superstar.

DeAndre Yedlin playing for Newcastle.
DeAndre Yedlin playing for Newcastle.

The incident took place during an international friendly between USA and Brazil, which the Selecao won 2-0.

But, it was Yedlin who stole the headlines for a first-half conversation with Mexican referee Fernando Guerrero.

Neymar, who earned an unwanted reputation for his playacting at this summer's World Cup, appeared to go down easily after Yedlin's challange in the 22nd minute.

It prompted the defender to ask the man in charge: "did you watch the World Cup."

CBSSports writer @RGonzalezCBS tweeted the video above during the game.

Yedlin could feature for his country again when USA host Mexico in Tennessee on Tuesday night.