WATCH: North East puddle gains celebrity status - why are thousands tuning in?

The "Drummond Puddle"
The "Drummond Puddle"

As the heavy rains continue, an unlikely hero has emerged - a puddle by a walkway.

More than 19,000 have tuned in to watch a Periscope video of a giant puddle in Newcastle, which has formed next to a walkway.

Users have been tuning in in their droves to watch pedestrians navigate the sizable wet patch near marketing and digital agency Drummond Central in Jesmond Road West - with a constant stream of commentary.

Some have even been heading down to cash in on the fame, with a group carrying a surfboard being among those soaking in the limelight.

The puddle has even been given it's own Twitter account, @DrummondPuddle

Watch it here
Richard Rippon, Drummond Central's social media manager is the man behind the Periscope #DrummondPuddleWatch video.

"It's brilliant, there are many puddles in the world and this one's ours so we are very proud of it," he told reporters.

"We mainly set it up for our own amusement, we decided to livestream it so we could all watch it from our desks, as it was funny to watch people try to cross the puddle."