Watch: Slideshow of pub photos from South Tyneside's past

Pubs have had a tough time of it since the advent of the smoking ban and cheaper competition from the supermarkets.

Many locals have alas perished with their premises transformed into housing, car parks, car washes and - ironically - supermarkets.

The former Quadrant, at Mill Dam, South Shields, in 1983.

The former Quadrant, at Mill Dam, South Shields, in 1983.

South Tyneside is no different to any other area in facing such challenges.

But not every other area had a photographer like Freddie Mudditt to capture its hostelries on camera.

Here is our latest round - get it? - of pub pictures from South Shields between the 1960s and 1980s.

Some have long since disappeared while others have been renamed or are still flourishing in their original guises.

Our thanks to Julia Northam for this latest batch of photos from her late father’s vast archive.

Julia, 58, a post office clerk who now lives in Billingham, is busy assembling her dad’s handiwork from across four decades into one collection.

Mr Mudditt started taking photographs in the 1950s while a police officer before running his Fietscher Fotos business in Albemarle Street, South Shields, from the late 1960s until his

death at the age of 58 in 1985.

His pictures regularly appeared in the Gazette and he also worked as South Tyneside Council’s official photographer at countless civic occasions.

Julia is hoping readers will boost the growing archive by sending her electronic copies of photos which have her dad’s name or business stamp on the back.

You can contact her via her Facebook public group, Fietscher Fotos of South Shields and surrounding areas, with any digital images or for further information.