WATCH: Source of mystery noise traced to boiler test on ship

THE answer to a mysterious noise heard across South Tyneside seems to have been traced to testing on a ship’s boilers.

A loud grinding-like noise has been baffling residents in Jarrow, Hebburn and parts of South Shields since Thursday, with scores of bemused Gazette readers getting in touch at a loss as to the source of the din.

Sunderland University journalism student Kris Tatum, however, has it cracked – and has sent us a video which seems to be fairly conclusive as to where the noise is coming from.

He said: “I have a part time admin job at Premier Scaffolding located on the banks of the river tyne. The view across from our offices is of the EnQuest producer ship which has been here since around November 2013. “Thursday and Friday over at the EnQuest producer ship, various tests have been made and the noise is a result of bringing the boilers up to full speed. They have been building a floating oil producer.”