Watch South Tyneside gymnasts impress at American competition

It was Viva Las Vegas when gymnasts put South Tyneside on the map when they secured gold at an international competition.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 8:39 am
South Tyneside Gymnastics Club members with their medal haul from Vegas.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club took 18 athletes to America to compete in the Vegas Acro Cup - spending six days in the States, staying at The Rio Hotel, where the event was held.

Four trios and three pairs competed against athletes from around the world, including Canada, Australia and Israel, all hoping to bring home gold.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club members with their medal haul from Vegas.

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The gymnasts made their club and the borough proud by coming away with a number of first places.

Senior coach Ian Said commented: “It was an open invitation international competition and it was the first time we have taken part in it.

“The athletes performed really well in a strong competition and it was a great experience for them.”

The gymnasts aged from 11 to 26, took part in six weeks of intensive training ahead of the competition at their base at the Temple Park Centre, South Shields.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club members with their medal haul from Vegas.

Ian added: “They are all really pleased with the results.

“Those that didn’t medal were a bit disappointed but have been given the momentum to move forward.”

The results were;

* 11-16 age category:

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club travelled to America to compete in the Vegas Acro Cup 2019.

* Women’s Pair - Morgan Nelson, 15, and Lily Gladman, 12, won gold.

* Women’s Group - Chloe Heley, 15, Megan Neale, 13, Ruby Oliver, 11, won silver and achieved the highest score in the whole 11-16 age category competition.

*12-18 age category:

*Men’s Pair - Sam Cain, 15, Leighton Carr, 13, won gold.

Back row, from left, Chloe Heley, Megan Neal, Morgan Nelson. Front, from left, Ruby Oliver and Lily Gladman with their medals.

* Trio Women’s Group - Hannah Pilling, 17, Gabrielle Evans, 15, Holly Beard, 12, came seventh place.

* Women’s Group - Lauren Said, 17, Lucy Atkinson, 17, Georgie Scandle,11, cane first, winning gold.

* The combined total of the 12-18 age category also saw the gymnasts win the team trophy.

* 13-19 age category:

* Women’s Group - Lauren Conlin, 17, Olivia Parker, 14, Hannah Smith, 12, came fourth place.

Gymnasts Oli Mattinson and Ellen Proud also represented Great Britain in the Vegas World Cup event, taking part in the Senior Mixed Pair category.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club gymnasts Morgan Nelson & Lily Gladman on the first place podium.

The athletes travelled alongside head coach Debbie Said and senior coaches Ian Said and Beth Young.

Although they didn’t pick up a medal, Ian said they were a new partnership and that the experience they had gained was invaluable.

South Tyneside Gymnastics Club gynmasts, from left, Sam Cain, Lauren Said, Georgie Scandle, Leighton Carr and Lucy Atkinson.