WATCH: Vauxhall Novas, Venue and that multi-storey carpark – check out South Shields in 1996

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DIG out your Britpop CDs and fuel up your Vauxhall Nova for a tour round South Shields in 1996.

Feeling nostalgic over Easter, we unearthed this footage from YouTube where it had been uploaded by user Hotrodngaz. Watch the video below.

“A quick trip through South Shields in 1996 to show a few of the small changes that has happened over the years,” reads the caption.

Some things are very much the same – but it’s amazing how dated some of the cars look.

The now-demolished concrete multi-storey carpark in Mile End Road, the Venue nightspot (now Vibe) and the decaying furniture store bulldozed to build Yates are among some of the old sights which have now gone.

De Niro’s nightclub and the former showroom which is now Life of Riley are also seen in the footage.