Weather expert predicts ‘white weekend’ for South Tyneside

Liz Martin
Liz Martin

PEOPLE in South Tyneside should brace themselves for a white weekend – according to a South Tyneside weather expert.

Liz Martin, who runs South Tyneside Weather from her garden in Jarrow, says a cold blast of wind from the North Sea is raising the prospects of snowfall.

Mrs Martin also expects the recent icy snap to continue, with temperatures set to plunge below zero for the best part of a week.

The 33-year-old said: “I think over the weekend will be the best bet we have had of snowfall.

“The winds will be coming in from the North Sea, which will make it colder. So far, the small amounts of snow we have been getting have come from the north west so it has pretty much fizzled out by the time it reaches us.”

The cold weather will be accentuated by strong winds, while snow showers could affect many parts of the North East.

Mrs Martin expects Arctic air sweeping into the region to lead to more freezing days and nights this weekend and running into next week.

“Temperatures will be going below zero for the next few days. This is due to air coming from the Arctic. It is tough to tell just how low the temperatures will go. But it will feel colder than it is.

“A few days ago it was -1, but it actually felt like it was -4 because of the wind chills”

While icy conditions and heavy snowfall might prove troublesome for some – a winter flurry will be good news for some.

Mrs Martin added: “My children just want to go sledging in the snow.

“The Met Office has said that snow is more likely in coastal areas also, which means 
there is a greater chance of snow in South Tyneside.

The Met Office has issued yellow alerts for the region, as ice, sleet and snow continue to be a risk.

The agency warning for the North East states icy conditions are expected throughout the North East in the coming days as “road surface temperatures will fall widely below freezing.”

Wintry showers are expected over the course of the weekend with snow set to lay on higher ground.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate tomorrow and into the start of next week with widespread snow forecast.

The warning states: “The Arctic airmass, by this time already firmly established across the UK, will continue to bring frequent and heavy snow showers to eastern parts of the UK.

“During Tuesday, a subtle change in wind direction will allow showers to spread further inland, with snow showers possibly falling quite widely across northern England (east of the Pennines), along with the Midlands and parts of southeast England.

“The airmass is sufficiently cold for snow showers to accumulate at low levels and some locally heavy falls are possible.”