Hour by hour weather forecast for South Tyneside as temperatures look set to hit 16C

Monday looks set to be a dry and warm day in South Tyneside with temperatures predicted to reach a maximum of 16C.

Weather forecasters predict there will be early mist and fog patches that will soon clear to leave a largely sunny morning.

They say that some fair weather cloud is likely to develop, but it should stay dry with good spells of sunshine.

The hour by hour forecast states:

6am: Cloudy. Maximum 11C.

7am: Cloudy. Maximum 10C.

8am: Cloudy. Maximum 11C.

9am: Cloudy. Maximum 11C.

10am: Sunny. Maximum 13C.


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11am: Sunny. Maximum 14C.

Noon: Sunny. Maximum 15C.

1pm: Sunny. Maximum 16C.

2pm: Sunny. Maximum 16C.


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3pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16C.

4pm: Cloudy. Maximum 16C.

5pm: Sunny intervals. Maximum 16C.

6pm: Cloudy. Maximum 16C.


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7pm: Cloudy. Maximum 15C.

8pm: Partly cloudy. Maximum 14C.

9pm: Clear night. Maximum 14C.

10pm: Clear night. Maximum 13C.


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11pm: Clear night. Maximum 12C.