South Tyneside is set for cloud and sun as the heavy rain takes a break

We've seen plenty of rain hit us recently but the sun is hoping to show its face again.

Monday, 30th September 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Monday, 30th September 2019, 7:05 am
Expect more sun and less rain in South Tyneside.

The Met Office has predicted an improvement in the heavy rainfall as a new week begins.

Sunday, September 29 saw plenty of rain fall and now it’s the suns turn to make a come-back.

When will the sun shine on Monday, September 30?

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The day will be overall cloudy with some sun.

Expect a dry and chilly start. Cloud will appear by lunchtime, with a possible isolated shower but a lot less rain than there has been. A maximum temperature 14 °C is predicted.

6am: Partly cloudy. 11 °C

7am: Partly cloudy. 11 °C

8am: Cloudy. 11 °C

9am: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

10am: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

11am: Sunny intervals. 13 °C

12pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

1pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

2pm: Cloudy. 13 °C.

3pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

4pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

5pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

6pm: Overcast. 12 °C

7pm: Light rain. 50% chance of rain.

8pm: Light rain. 50% chance of rain.

9pm: Heavy rain. 80% chance of rain.

10pm: Heavy rain. 80% chance of rain.

11pm: Heavy rain. 80% chance of rain.

Pollen, pollution and UV levels will remain low.

The rest of the week is set for a mix of cloud and small amounts of rain. However, it is forecast to be a largely dry and bright week with some rain and wind in the evenings.