South Tyneside weather: It's the calm before the storm this weekend

A yellow weather warning has been issued for the North East as heavy rain is set for the region this weekend.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Saturday, 5th October 2019, 7:00 am
Expect heavy rain this weekend.

Heavy downpours are likely to cause some travel disruption, surface water build ups on the road and flooding on Sunday, October 6.

But, Saturday, October 5 is set for a cloudy day before the heavy rain falls.

Any pockets of early fog should turn into bright spells during the morning, clouding over with patchy light rain here and there.

More persistent rain is expected to arrive in the evening and overnight. Expect a maximum temperature 13 °C and a minimum temperature of 11 °C.

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Here’s the hour by hour forecast.

6am: Partly cloudy. 11 °C

7am: Partly cloudy. 11 °C

8am: Sunny intervals. 12 °C

9am: Cloudy. 12 °C

10am: Cloudy. 12 °C

11am: Cloudy. 12 °C

12pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

1pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

2pm: Cloudy. 12 °C

3pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

4pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

5pm: Cloudy. 13 °C

6pm: Light rain. 50% chance of rain.

7pm: Cloudy. 11 °C

8pm: Light rain. 50% chance of rain.

9pm: Heavy rain. 90% chance of rain.

10pm: Heavy rain. 90% chance of rain.

11pm: Heavy rain. 90% chance of rain.

There is good news for hay fever sufferers as pollen, pollution and UV levels will remain low.

We’d advise making the most of Saturday’s weather before the rain hits later in the weekend. Drive safely in the wet weather.