Weather: Will you need to stock up on de-icer this week?

Monday could have a frosty start.
Monday could have a frosty start.

After a week of sub-zero starts, motorists could be forgiven for looking out of the window on Monday morning with some trepidation.

But with January almost over, the good news is that February is almost upon us, this week is set to improve after a chilly start.

Tonight it will become cloudier during the evening, but remain mainly dry overnight across the North East, with some clear spells.

Some mist and fog may develop, along with a widespread frost, as temperatures drop to a minimum of -2C.

Monday will indeed start frosty, with some bright spells developing, and any fog gradually clearing.

Some areas will remain rather dull, especially in the east, and a noticeable southeast breeze will develop later.

Temperatures will be a maximum of 7C, dropping to a minimum of 5C overnight.

Tuesday is expected to be cloudy, breezy and mild, with occasional rain, which may be more persistent later. Temperatures will range between 5-8C.

By Wednesday it will be turning drier, with some bright spells developing, and temperatures between 6-8C.

Thursday will even milder, between 8-10C, but cloudy and breezy, with some rain arriving later.

The end of the week will see temperatures fluctuate more, between 5-9C, with only a small chance of rain.