What does the weather have in store for South Tyneside today?

Early rain will clear later
Early rain will clear later

South Tyneside is in for a day of mixed weather.

The Met Office says today will be variable, often with large amounts of cloud, but some bright spells.

There will be patchy light rain or drizzle for a time this morning, and again this evening, with a maximum temperature of 13°C.

Tonight will be drier, with the odd cloud break and generally mild, with a minimum of 6°C.

The mainly cloudy conditions will continue early tomorrow, though it should be dry, with some rather warm bright spells likely and a maximum temperature of 15°C.

Cloudy conditions will continue through much of Thursday and Friday, thought it will be warm.

Rain is expected to moving south later on Friday, while Saturday will be mostly dry and sunny, though cooler.