What matters to me... Tell the world what you want to see on day of action

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TODAY’s the day you can make your voice heard on the issues that count in the general election, before heading to the polls next week.

The Shields Gazette and our parent company Johnston Press have joined forces with Twitter to get to the heart of the issues which matter across the UK.

We’ve set up dedicated election site up a website WhatMattersToMe.co.uk which showcases hundreds of short videos of people from across the UK sharing their views on the issues which are key for them in the election debate.

And today Twitter is promoting the hashtag #WhatMattersToMe. It will feature as Twitter’s top promoted trend in the UK all day.

Searching and following the hashtag will offer an overview of sentiment across the nation, highlighting the local and national issues that really matter to people ahead of the election.

And we’d like you to be part of the day of action by tweeting using the hashtag #WhatMattersToMe about the issue which most matters to you in the election, which is now little more than a week away.

Whatever your view, this is your opportunity to share it with the world.

Maybe it’s health, maybe it’s the economy, it could be education, or perhaps it’s transport or the environment.

Whatever your view, this is your opportunity to share it with the world.

Twitter has reached out to a range of partners and network members to further bolster the national campaign, encouraging people to tweet their thoughts on what will matter this election.

When today is over, the sentiments shared in Tweets from across the UK, and regionally, will be analysed to see which issues are at the top of people’s concerns. We’ll let you know the results.

The more people who Tweet, the better, so please get Tweeting with the hashtag #WhatMattersToMe.