What motorists have to say about A19 driving

What do you think could improve driving on the A19?
What do you think could improve driving on the A19?

The Government puts the cause of A19 collisions down to “driver behaviour” - and you agree.

Readers had their say on the issues which dog the busy route after suggestions an inquiry should look at how it could be made safer.

In an online poll, we asked you what you would like to see done to improve the A19.

Of the 435 to take part in just a few hours, 49% said adding extra lanes. Eight per cent of you want average speed cameras, and 7% want to see a change to the speed limit and extended slip roads.

Here are some of your comments from social media.

Andy Johnson said: “It’s not about the roads its the impatient and terrible drivers.

“I’ve driven down the A19 over a hundred times this year with no issues at all.

“Yes that’s just one person but I’ve seen many reckless drivers on that motorway who drive to close to other road users or even bully people out of the way.

“A better test would be to look at all the crashes and judge how many of those drivers have motoring points on their licence.”

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Steven Johnston said: “The A19 isn’t an accident black spot/dangerous road, nothing wrong with it.

“It’s these nutter drivers that cause these accidents, too impatient to get past, not watching the road (using phones), etc.”

Lee Mordey said: “As said many times, it is the idiot drivers, not the road. I am sick to death of folks hurtling past then cutting in front to get to their turn off causing me to slam on the brakes.

“It is not the kids either, usually older folks showing off.”

Neil A Marsden said: “Maybe instead of police watching for drivers speeding and pulling them over for doing a few mph over the limit on a quiet Sunday afternoon, they should watch out for people who are just generally dangerous driving and fine them instead?

“Those who tailgate, those who drive at 60 in the outside lane not overtaking, etc.”

Andy Phillips said: “I drive this road twice everyday north and south. It’s not people speeding that’s the issue...in fact it’s the complete opposite.

“I’ve never seen a road whereby everyone sits in the outside lane with nothing on the inside lane doing between 30-50mph - literally for miles as well.

“This causes the traffic to build up and get badly congested, one person gets sick and moves to the inside lane, subsequently undertaking at sometimes 40mph. More cars do the same

and cars crash.

Peter Nicholson said: “It’s the traffic lights on the roundabouts to join the A19 that are the problem.

“They cause an unnatural flow of traffic on to the main carriage way. 20 to 30 cars in a block all trying to get off the slip way.

“We never had this scale of a problem before the lights went up.”

John Wild said: “Been saying that the A19 near Easington services is terrible for years.

“The very very short slip roads leading out don’t help at all.

“The amount of accidents on this stretch can’t all be down to bad drivers.”