What our readers said about the new Top Gear episode

The latest episode of BBC's Top Gear, aired on Sunday, certainly got the viewers talking.

Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 11:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 12:08 pm
What did you make of the new Top Gear episode?

While we decided to find things we both liked and didn't like about the newest addition of the show, some of you were very cut-throat in your opinions.

Whether you loved Matt LeBlanc, hated Chris Evans, or just got confused by the whole thing, here are some of your best comments about Top Gear.

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1. Stephen Foulk: "I thought the old Top Gear had become way too self referential and forced ... the banter was obviously scripted and the set-ups way to obvious and predictable.

"I thought this new team were a bit awkward but surely that's understandable and I'm happy to give them a chance to gel. Sabina and Matt already seem like assets but Chris Evans was trying too hard, he needs to chill the hell out.

"I'll certainly continue to watch."

2. Ben Lyons: "I enjoyed it, made me smile, I agree with what you liked and didn't, I don't mind Evans, (I've never been a fan of Clarkson) and he was a bit excitable!

"But overall I thought it was okay."

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3. Dominic Button: "I think I'm the only person who enjoyed it, I went in wiping my mind of the previous hosts and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

"I think we're lucky to have this and then Clarkson's new show on Amazon Prime, I will be tuning into both on a frequent basis."

4. Charlotte Nash: "Too much scripting, I hope over time a natural bond will form between presenters, at the moment it feels forced. If anything keep Matt and dump Chris."

5. Nick Hart: "Will give it a few more episodes before I fully decide. But they really need to stop trying to make every scene have some wacky twist. The best bit in the whole show was Matt hooning about in the Nomad."

6. Martin Lavelle: "Not that good. But Matt a lot better than Chris. Not bothered if I miss the rest of Top Gear. Poor."

7. Andy Wharton: "It was shocking watching Evans and the tank was painful. Next time it's on I'm going to paint a wall and watch that dry it's more interesting."

8. Stephen Batey: "Absolute rubbish, had a chance to make it their own but instead chose to try and imitate the 'old' show really badly."

9. Georgia Brown: "Chris Evans is a legend in his own mind. He tried unsuccessfully to copy Clarkson’s style of talking, even down to using the same inflection in his voice.

"The American ‘actor’ Matt looked like he was permanently reading an auto cue, and the audience looked like they’d been paid to laugh, cheer, and generally look like they were having fun. Tripe!"

10. Barry Jack: "The main problem is the BBC can't see that Top Gear as it stands belongs to Clarkson, he created it's current format and it just doesn't work without him and his crew.

"Evans was just annoying like always, Matt was just about watchable but all they did was parachute some unfunny replacements in and carried on as if nothing had changed."

11. Lee Field: "Got round to watching it this morning and found it terrible. Will watch it next to see if it improves, if not I won't watch it again."