What is the weather expected to be like in South Tyneside today?

It's a cloudy start to the morning in South Tyneside with outbreaks of rain and strong winds forecast for this afternoon.

Heavy rain forecast for the region.
Heavy rain forecast for the region.

Forecasters expect thick cloud is set to descend on the town by 9am and outbreaks of rain will begin from around 12pm and will last all afternoon and into the evening.

Temperatures will peak at 8°C today with lows of 4°C this evening.

But strong gales will mean it could feel as cold as 0°C later today.

A forecast for the North East on the Met Office website says: "Cloudy at first, with outbreaks of rain and strong northerly winds spreading southwards across all parts.

"There will be gales in coastal areas during the afternoon. Maximum temperature 8 °C."

It will be a cold start to the morning tomorrow with temperatures forecast at just 1°C for 6am and 7am.

Although it will be a bright start before clouds settle in from around 11am for the rest of the day.

Maximum temperate expected to climb to 7°C and the minimum is just 1°C