What will the weather be like on Christmas Day?

The big day is so close we can almost taste it - but will we get the white Christmas we're hoping for, or will it be more of a wet one?

Are you hoping for a white Christmas this year?
Are you hoping for a white Christmas this year?

According to the Met Office forecast for the next couple of days, we could be looking at a soggy Christmas rather than a sparkling one ...

The outlook for the North East predicts temperatures of between 3 °C and 10 °C on Christmas Day, with a chance of rain from lunchtime through to the evening.

We'll be treated to a mild Christmas Eve tomorrow, with temperatures set to stay steady at around 9°C, though there is a small chance of showers.

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We're afraid it's going to be a cold start across the region with the expected maximum temperature at only 4 °C, with near-freezing temperatures on the agenda for later on.