What you had to say about new £5 gig ticket charge


Residents in South Tyneside say they are in favour of the new £5 priority ticket charge for this year’s summer gigs.

Scottish singer KT Tunstall and boyband Busted will headline the first two South Tyneside Summer Festival Concerts in Bents Park, South Shields, and South Tyneside Council has introduced a £5 charge for priority tickets at all four planned gigs.

The 5,000 tickets for each concert are available for fans desperate to secure their spot but the concerts will remain free for 19,000 others not wishing to pay for the guarantee.

The council said the priority access tickets had been introduced after the massive popularity of last year’s gigs saw Bents Park full to capacity and people turned away

The tickets will guarantee access to the concert they are purchased for, as well as allow priority access to the park.

In an online poll 56% of readers were in favour of the charge while 44% were against it.

Here is what some of you had to stay on Facebook:

Margy Brownsword said: “Worth every penny.

Julie Simons agreed: “Best idea the council have had.
“The yearly concerts have proved so popular people come from far and wide, making it harder to get in as there is a capacity limit.

“We’ve been going for years and would gladly pay to see excellent bands.”

Peter Briggs commented: “I bought eight tickets for KT Tunstall.

“Well worth a fiver as I could not get in last year.”

Tahnee Bedford added: “I am so sick of seeing people whining about paying for tickets.

“South Tyneside Council have managed to secure excellent acts for the summer, something that with price cuts all over the place won’t have been cheap.

“For £5 I certainly don’t mind putting back in so that the council can continue to host these events.”

Samantha Murdoch said: “I’ve bought 10 tickets for Busted.
“Worth every penny considering I’ve paid £250 for one ticket to see them at the arena.”

Nicola Farrell added: “A fiver well spent in my eyes!”