What you said about £250k spend on celebs for South Tyneside

Gazette readers have backed South Tyneside Council's decision to spent almost £250,000 on bringing celebrities to South Tyneside over the last three years.

Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 10:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 3:12 pm

Council bosses said the cash, which was used to pay for acts to appear at South Tyneside Summer Festival’s free Sunday concerts, Christmas light switch-ons and a paid for Soundwaves gig, was money well spent.

They say last year visitors spent an estimated at £1.479m while visiting South Shields seafront.

However, the Taxpayers Alliance criticised the decision and cash should be spent on front-line services.

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But the vast majority of Gazette readers believe the free concerts are worth every penny.

Kirsty Lambert wrote: “I’m pretty sure that the contribution to the local economy is far greater than £250k thanks to that investment from STC.”

John Brown said: “People come from all other the north east for the Summer music festivals. One thing the council gets right if you ask me.”

Lee Hemingwa added: “£250k spread over three years, that’s a tiny investment for the amount it brings into Shields economy and the positive reputation boost.”

Catherine Browne stated: “It gets people into the town and that’s what we need at the moment as South Shields has a dying town centre. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Sunday afternoon in the Bents Park so £250k is nothing as to what was probably spent in South Shields at the weekend.”

But not everyone agreed.

Lynn Arthur added: “Every person has an opinion and they are entitled to it, me personally would rather see the money used put to a better use.”