What you said about the £30 green bin charge in South Tyneside

Residents will now be charged �30 for their green bin collection.
Residents will now be charged �30 for their green bin collection.

South Tyneside Council’s new green bin charge has caused a major a stir, with residents reacting angrily to the plans.

The controversial plans will see an annual garden waste bin collection charge of £30 a year brought in from next year.

The move was agreed at a meeting of South Tyneside Council’s cabinet earlier this week, despite an overwhelming majority of Gazette readers - 90 per cent - opposing the charge.

From April, residents who want their garden waste collected will have to pay the fee.

Here is what readers have had to say about the new bin charge:

Stacey Pearson: “They can take my bin away, I will stick grass in my black bin. 
“They won’t be getting a penny of my money.”

Karen Mclaughlin: “This was never a free service as we paid for it through out Council Tax.”

Chris Marson: “I bought my own compost bin in preparation for this. 
“Very useful, but obviously if you’ve a huge garden or lots of shrubs, a single compost bin might not be enough.”

Jonny Wrigh: “Going in the black bin, simple as that.”

Peter Hopper: “There can take my bin away, I don’t have garden waste anymore.”

Channelle Lovatt: “Why, when you can take it to tip for free?”

Walkerchris: “I literally can not afford another £30 on top of the Council Tax, so I’ll have to make my own arrangements for garden waste.”

Klarewithak: “How cost effective will this scheme be if only one person in a street pays?”

Trouble: “I certainly will not be paying this charge. I have large gardens and most my waste is composted myself.”