When Bros performed live in South Shields at Arbeia Roman Fort


It was a gig like no other when Bros landed in a fictional space ship and performed flanked by roman soldiers in South Shields.

Twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss came to Arbeia Roman Fort with Saturday morning kids show Get Fresh - along with Gilbert the Alien and Gaz Top.

The Lawe Top historic site had been chosen as a venue for the touring show, which took the Millennium Dustbin spaceship around the country each Saturday morning between 1986 to 1988.

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Bros were kings of the pop world when the show came to South Shields on June 4 1988, performing Liar on stage styled like a coloseum balcony, featuring columns

Free tickets to be part of the show's audience were like gold dust, with the town's teenage population begging friends and relatives who had been given the passes through their schools or community groups.

The show also featured children and groups from South Shields taking part in activities, giving vox-pop comments and presentations on local community activities, and taking part in games and challenges.

Get Fresh was at the heart of 1980s culture for children and young people, featuring The Centurions and The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers with its Sunday spin-off also being home to The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and Gummi Bears.