When is your last garden waste collection of 2015?

When is your last garden waste collection?
When is your last garden waste collection?

The weather is definitely turning cooler, and that means the gardening months will be over soon.

But when is your last garden waste collection of the year?

We may be having a sunny autumn so far – but there’s no denying winter is just around the corner.

With that in mind, it’s time to get the lawn mowed for the final time, and stash the gardening gloves away until spring.

But make sure you know the date for when your waste can get taken away by the council for the final time this year.

South Tyneside District Council: Garden waste collections only run between March and November, with the service suspended in December, January and February. The final 2015 collection date for your green bin depends on your postcode, so click the website here to find out when you need to pop it out.

Sunderland City Council: Collections for your brown bin in Sunderland also run until November. Visit the local authority’s website here to search for your final date.

Durham County Council: The final collections in this local authority’s area will take place this month – but don’t forget their is a fee to reactivate the service in the spring. To subscribe for the service, and for more information, click here.