This is when Universal Credit, Child Benefit and Tax Credit will be paid over Easter 2019 in South Tyneside

If you receive Universal Credit, benefits or tax credits, the Easter weekend could bring disruption to your usual payment day.

Picture by PA
Picture by PA

Here's a look at the changes to payment dates:

Universal Credit

Claimants who are normally paid on the 19th or 22nd of each month, dates that coincides with Good Friday and Easter Monday in April, will be paid a few days early so that they are not left out of pocket over the weekend, according to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Those who usually get their money on the 20th, the Saturday, or the 21st, Easter Sunday, will also be paid early.

Here are the full Easter payment dates:

When your payment is due – When you’ll be paid

Friday April 19 – Thursday April 18

Saturday April 20 – Thursday April 18


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Sunday April 21 – Thursday April 18

Monday April 22 – Thursday April 18

Child Benefit payment dates

Your Child Benefit payment is usually paid early if it’s due on a bank holiday, according to the DWP.


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Those due Child Benefit on April 22, Easter Monday, will be paid on Thursday April 18.

Tax credits

HM Revenue and Customs said the situation is similar with tax credits, which are paid either weekly or every four weeks.

If it’s a bank holiday anywhere in the UK your payment may be early.


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If you were expecting a payment on Good Friday (April 19) or Easter Monday (April 22) then you should be paid on Thursday April 18.