'Why should we be forced to pay?' - readers react to TV licence price rise

Do you think the TV licence is worth the money?
Do you think the TV licence is worth the money?

The annual TV licence fee is going up for the first time since 2010.

Currently, the yearly charge for a TV licence is £147. As of April 1, it will go up to £150.50.

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Yesterday, we asked you if you thought the fee, which is necessary for anyone watching or recording shows as they are shown on TV, or watching or downloading BBC shows on iPlayer on a TV, computer or other device, is worth the money.

If you are due to renew or buy a new licence before April 1, you will pay the old fee.

Many of you got in touch on social media. Here's what you had to say.

John Paul Thompson: "Everyone should group together and refuse to pay. We pay for enough services with broadband and mobile phones."

Mikey G Gregg: "Repeat after repeat after repeat. Not worth a penny. Make them put adverts on to cover the costs and scrap the licence."

Michael Watson: "NO it's not worth the money ... but we can't do nowt about it ... you need one so you gotta pay for one ... like it or not, unfortunately."

Brian Fulcher-Blige: "I listen to the wireless more than I watch the telly. I know the licence fee covers BBC Radio, I can't complain. I listen to loads of footy on BBC Radio 5 and 5 live extra."

John Brown: "Let the BBC create its own income with advertising like ITV and other independent companies or is that like hard work for them. It should not be compulsory for anyone."

Bill Walton: "£12.50 per month. I don’t mind paying but I must admit I’m watching more on Sky and Amazon. They may need to look for alternative funding in the future."

Kate Yates: "A sub for Sky is cheaper with a lot more to offer. Why don't they be like them and then folk wont mind paying.

"Paying all that for five channels is a joke. Why don't they just make a subscription either subscribe to the five channels or pay for Sky or Talk Talk. Should be an option at end of day."

Gavin Dixon: "You should be able to opt out of it and have access turned on like Sky do if you choose to sign up and watch it. We mostly watch Prime and Netflix. Can honestly say I don't watch any BBC. Why should I have to pay?"

Larry Connell: "All BBC channels and music should be subscription, if you don't want it, don't buy it, just like Sky or Virgin Media."

Peter Hopper: "A product of a bygone age."

Lianne Douglas: "Not worth it! I wonder what would happen if everyone decided not to pay?"

Peter Watt: "A penny is too much its about time the TV tax was scrapped let the BBC stand on its own two feet."

Paddy Horsley: "Definitely worth it. I've had loads of pleasure over the years from the BBC whether it be local or national level, TV. or radio great value for money. I have never resented paying a licence fee."