Wintry weather caused gridlock this morning – now find out what the rest of the week has in store

POOR CONDITIONS: The busy A19 this morning.
POOR CONDITIONS: The busy A19 this morning.

MAJOR roads came to a standstill this morning as snow, ice and rain caused hazardous driving conditions across the North East.

A cold blast from the Arctic is being felt across the UK this week with several severe weather alerts issued by the Met Office.

The warnings for snow and ice are coming to an end but a ‘be aware’ notice is still in place for falling temperatures.

Forecasters say the weather will be unpredictable until the end of the week but the icey conditions will remain.

Thermometer readings in rural parts of the region fell well below 0C last night with wind chill also making things feel much colder.

Temperatures aren’t expected to rise much above 4C for the rest of the week and frosts will develop overnight.

Things are set to be overcast with the odd wintry shower but there is not expected to be a substantial amount of snowfall.

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