Woman lost teeth in 'crossfire' as attacker fought boyfriend in her home

A woman was injured and lost two teeth when an attacker barged into her home and had a fight with her boyfriend.

David Moore was jailed for a year
David Moore was jailed for a year

The victim was also left with two black eyes, bruising and swelling after being caught in the “crossfire” during a violent dispute between her partner and David Moore.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Moore, 31, of Rectory Bank, West Boldon, had “barged” into the couple’s home in Hebburn to confront a rival over a cash dispute in December 2015.

During the violence that followed, the woman was injured.

The victim told police: “I have been left extremely anxious and upset by this and I am in a lot of pain.“Two teeth have had to be removed by the dentist and there is damage to other teeth.”

The court court the woman suffered weeks of pain and faced ongoing dental treatment.

Moore, who has a total of 87 previous convictions, including offences for violence, pleaded guilty to affray.

Judge Deborah Sherwin sentenced him to 12 months behind bars.

The judge told him: “There was a dispute between you and another male.

“As part of the fight between the two of you, his partner was injured, involving teeth being knocked out, cuts inside her mouth, swollen lips and bruised eyes and nose.

“They were fairly unpleasant injuries.”

Christopher Knox, defending, said that, since the offence, Moore has found work away from the area.

Mr Knox added: “It was a disreputable dispute in which the unfortunate wife or partner of the real object of the difficulty became involved, no doubt on her partner’s behalf and has really been injured in the crossfire.”