Woman stabbed ex-boyfriend after accusing him of cheating


A call centre worker has been put behind bars for stabbing her ex-boyfriend after claiming he had cheated on her during their relationship.

Hollie Sinclair confronted Douglas Watson at the home he shared with new girlfriend Amy Donaldson in South Shields and caused a wound with a knife to his face then plunged the blade into his neck.

Before she launched the violence the 26-year-old accused Mr Watson of "previously cheating on her".

A judge said the knife attack could have killed him.

When Miss Donaldson grabbed hold of the knife, which Sinclair had taken to the house "up her sleeve", to try and stop the bloody attack, her thumb and finger were cut.

Mr Watson's wound to his eye was glued and the stab injury to the back of his neck was steri-stripped.

Sinclair, formerly of Brighton Close, Wallsend, pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding, assault causing bodily harm and having a knife.

The mum-of-two sobbed in the dock as Judge Sarah Mallett sentenced her to two years behind bars.

Judge Mallett told her: "You made a really bad decision to go to his house and knock on the door.

"There was an accusation made he had been cheating on you and then you picked up the knife.

"You cut him with it, slashing out above his left eye. You stabbed him again in the back of the neck.

"Amy Donaldson took hold of the blade of the knife to try to prevent its further use and she sustained cuts to her hand.

"His injuries were, fortunately, not as serious as they could be been. They could have been fatal injuries."

Prosecutor Jonathan Devlin told the court Sinclair had been in a relationship with Mr Watson, which came to an end at the beginning of 2015, and they had a child together.

It was in August 2015 Sinclair, who has a previous conviction for violence, turned up at his home, carrying the knife.

The court heard Mr Watson had gone outside to speak to his ex and noticed she had "something up her sleeve".

Sinclair put the knife on an outside table when she was asked what she was carrying but picked it up again after she made the cheating accusation.

Mr Devlin said: "She lunged at him and caught him with the knife above the left eye.

"He turned to avoid the knife and felt a jab just below his neck."

The court heard the knife attack led to a struggle between the former couple and Miss Donaldson received her injuries when she tried to take the knife away.

The violence lasted for up to 25 minutes, with other people at the house having to step in to try and stop the trouble.

Mr Watson told police after the attack that what happened was "totally unprovoked" and "totally unacceptable" and said he could not understand why Sinclair went to the house.

Miss Donaldson said she felt scared that Sinclair would turn up with a knife and "was prepared to use it".

Andrew Fitzpatrick, defending, said Sinclair was distressed after Mr Watson missed their child's birthday and completely mishandled the situation.

He added: "She has problems. Sorry with emotional management. She is prepared to seek help and take help from those prepared to offer it to her."

Mr Fitzpatrick said Sinclair "wasn't thinking things through" at the time of the attack but is determined to rehabilitate herself.

Sinclair was given a five year restraining order to keep her away from the victims.