Working and shopping at South Shields stores

Lots of former members of staff and their families got in touch when we posted a photo, taken in September 1970, showing the new Value Stores shop, in Prince Edward Road, South Shields.

Thursday, 3rd January 2019, 8:48 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 7:21 am
The new Value Stores shop, in Prince Edward Road. Did you shop there?

Katherine Coates posted: “I remember my mam working there as supervisor.”

Andrew Hodgskin told how “I got my hand trapped in the door” while Lisa Dougal asked Julie Pallister if she remembered when “mam used to work in there” to which Julie said she did.

Gowans store in Fowler Street.

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Angela Price remembers the store, saying how the photo “brings back memories” with Sue Wade agreeing, adding: “Will you put some more of the old Nook shops on please”.

Joan Green said she shopped there “all the time” while Debbie Harvey told how “we shopped at the one in Frederick Street”.

Sylvia Neilson posted on the Gazette’s Facebook page how “I used to shop at the one in Laygate, did my weekly shop there” and Sheila Tebble revealed that she “worked at Boldon Lane Value Stores”.

Linda Wood spoke of “the days when you could leave your bairn outside the shop in a pram” with Liz Johnston adding “couldn’t leave a baby outside a shop in their pram now”.

Readers, including Richy Scott, Samantha Lee, Tony Hare and may more took to social media when we posted a photo of young day-trippers gathering in the Prince of Wales car park before their visit to Flamingo Land in August 1995.

Meanwhile, a photo from April 1984, showing the exterior of Gowans store in Fowler Street, also brought back memories.

Yvonne Adams said: “My flat was on the corner in Charlotte Street, Gowans across the road. Chelsea Cat behind Gowans and a1 cafe opposite. It was Fair Craft before Gowan’s.”

Andrew Hodgskin revealed that: “My mum (Joan Hodgskin) worked upstairs from 81/82 till 85/86. She sat at the window on the far right ... always remember going with my dad to meet her after work.”

Alison Bell Stafford told how “my mam worked there after 1984. Mcvity Stafford” while Gillian Mckenzie said: “My mam worked there.”

Viv Marley told how she “got lots of curtains and nets there back in the day, always satisfied” while Beverly Olds says: “Think it was Faircraft before that. I bought a Pyrex rolling pin there and still use it.”

Catherine Peagram got in touch to say: “Not too familiar with his Gowans, but I worked for the original Gowans in Frederick Street, when it was owned by Mr Gowans himself before he sold the business and retired.”

Paul Carr said: “I have only realised now that it begins with “G” and not “C” lol.”