World Book Day: Superheroes, animals and fairytale princesses - your cracking costumes in pictures

Children across the country have been sharing their favourite stories and paying tribute to their top characters for World Book Day.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 4:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 4:53 pm
You have been sharing your pictures for World Book Day.

We have had witches and wizards, classic characters and some animal magic in a range of outstanding outfits from all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent a photograph to celebrate World Book Day - and we hope you have had a brilliant day at school!

Isla Andre, age 7, as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Picture: Amy Stobbs.
Christopher, age 9, as Groot. Picture: Amy Connell.

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Aaron Mark, age 5, as Dennis the Menace. Picture: Amy Thomas.
Isabelle-Rose, age 4, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Amy Thompson.
Madison, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Andrew Rambo Reilly.
Callum, age 7, as Billionaire Boy. Picture: Anne Marie.
Lucas, age 7, as Willy Wonky. Picture: Ashleigh Davison.
Reece, age 8, Cory, age 7, Destiny age 5. Picture: Ashleigh Wallbank
Shaun, age 8, and Konnie Rae, age 3. Picture: Ashton Amy.
Josey as Where's Wally. Picture: Beth Dodsworth.
Aisha, age 7. Picture: Beverley Sanyang.
Brice Harper Gray as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Carly Godwin.
Picture: Catherine Louise Jones.
Picture: Charlotte Fowler.
Mya-Grace, age 5. Picture: Chelsey Walker.
Oscar, age 19 months, as Spider-Man. Picture: Cheryl Murphy.
Dressed up as Moana and The Race Horse Who Couldn't Gallop. Picture: Chris Baker.
Lewis and Chanelle. Picture: Chris Batchelor.
Maddison, age 7, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Claire Edwards.
Amelia Wright, age 4. Picture: Claire Rutter.
Gabriel Armstrong, 6, as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Picture: Claire Voss.
Sophia and William as Little Red Riding Hood and Where's Wally. Picture: Claire Marie Watson.
India, age 9, Summer, age 8, and Logan age 7. Picture: Danielle Currer.
Darcey Tilson, age 3, as Matilda. Picture: Danni Tilson.
Alfie, age 4, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Darren Murphy.
Amber Jade Sewell, age 3, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Dawn Sewell.
Poppy, age 9, as Matilda and Louie, age 3, as Batman. Picture: Diane Marie Parker.
Erin Johnston, age 10, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Donna Johnston.
Joshua, age 4, as Woody. Picture: Donna Marie Atkinson.
Mason, age 6, as the Scarecrow's Secret. Picture: Emma Garthwaite.
Ellie, age 9, as Willy Wonka. Picture: Emma Kyle.
Hannah, age 6, as Goldilocks. Picture: Emma Kyle.
Jake, 9, and James, 7, as Harry Potter characters. Picture: Emma Louise Robe.
The Cat in the Hat. Picture: Emma Spokes.
Grace Kelly, age 5, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Faye Mckenzie.
Gary, age 7, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Hayley Blackwood.
Sophie, age 2, as Batgirl. Picture: Gemma Fawcett.
Jake Keenan, age 11 weeks, as Spider-Baby. Picture: Hayley Goodin.
Olivia James. Picture: Hayley Goodin.
Jacob, age 5, with his favourite book. Picture: Hayley Weetman.
Leighton Knight, age 5, as Baloo. Picture: Holly Knight.
Jay Raine, age 6, as the White Rabbit. Picture: Jade Fada.
Picture: Jade Harbison.
Ben Alderson. Picture: Jade Louise Dodds.
Archie, age 2, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Jade Huddart.
Leo Elliott, age 8. Picture: Jasmine Bone.
Katelyn and Sophie, ages 10 and 8, as Hermione Grainger.
Chase Mullen, age 7. Picture: Jayne Eunson.
Kacey, age 11, as Little Red Riding Hood. Gavin, age 8, as Dennis the menace, Zak, age 6, as apirate from Peter pan, Lilli-may, age 5, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Jen Kennedy.
Aiden, age 3, as Rex. Picture: Jess Ainsley.
Katelyn Moore, age 8, as Amanda Thripp. Picture: Jill Moseley.
Mason Moore, age 3, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Jill Moseley.
Dylan, age 7, as The Trunchbull. Picture: Jillian Lumley Morton.
Picture: Joanne Casey.
Picture: Jodie Greenwell.
Lydia Walker, age 3, as Snow White. Picture: Johanne Walker McMullen.
Aria, age 5 months, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Kayleigh Tate.
Niamh Burgess, age 9. Picture: Kelly A Burgess.
Jack Burgess, age 11. Picture: Kelly A Burgess.
Sara Bainbridge, age 6, as Matilda. Picture: Kine Kristoffersen.
Grace Thompson, age 8, as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Kirsty Weetman.
Ruby as Goldilocks. Picture: Laura Dawson.
Charley, age 3, as Hermione Grainger and Cullan, age 6, as Harry Potter. Picture: Lauren Bloomfield.
Luca, age 3, as Paddington Bear. Picture: Lianne Moutrey.
Jessica as Snow White. Picture: Linda Ayre.
Tia, age 5, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Lisa M Bell.
Harry, age 5. Picture: Lisa Neilson.
Lois, age 5. Picture: Lori Smith.
Archie, 3, The Highway Rat. Picture: Lori Wood.
Noah, age 4 months, as Fantastic Mr Fox. Picture: Louise Hudson.
Alexia Loftus as Wednesday. Picture: Louise Loftus.
Lucy and Jacob. Picture: Maria Ward.
Charlotte Liddle as Little "No" Peep. Picture: Marie Liddle.
Erin Arnold, age 12, as Matilda. Picture: Michelle Arnold.
Ava Gray, age 7, as the Queen of Hearts. Picture: Michelle Gray-Falconbridge.
Hayden Lowdon as Mr Stink. Picture: Michelle Gurrier Lowdon.
Jayden Bays, age 6, as the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Naomi Wilkinson.
Lily Gibson, age 8, as Hermione Grainger. Picture: Natalie Pettmore.
Tom and Aya Woods age 10. Picture: Nikki Agnew.
Mya Rose Gibson, age 4. Picture: Rachael Gibson.
Kyra, 8, as Wonder Woman. Picture: Rebecca Elizabeth Thorpe.
Leah, age 9, as Mildred Hubble. Picture: Rosie Tricker.
Ruby as Mary Poppins. Picture: Sarah Henderson.
James, 6, and Alvie, 4, as Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Samantha Argue.
Noel, 2, and Grayson, 4, as Granny Wolf and the Big Bad Wolf. Picture: Sarah Lewis.
Mya Bradbury as Mary Poppins. Picture: Sarah Mckenna.
Lily Bond, age 9, as Gangster Granny. Picture: Sarah Scullion.
Adam age 10, as Captain Underpants. Picture: Sarah Shaw.
Lucy, age 7, as the Demon Dentist. Picture: Sarah Shaw.
Jack, age 6. Picture: Sarah Wood.
Miah, age 5. Picture: Shannon Pascoe.
Iyla Hunter, age 6, as Cruella de Vil. Picture: Shona Hunter.
Alice Watson, age 3, as Poppy from Trolls. Picture: Solain Watson.
Hallie, age 5, the Snow Queen. Picture: Stacey Hunter.
Charlie, age 4, as Thor. Picture: Stacey Lamb.
Picture: Steph Dunn.
Maisie, age 10, Logan, age 7, Amelia, age 9, as Thing 1, Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Steph Price.
Lily Murray, age 8, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Susan Robinson.
Lola Wilson, age 4. Picture: Susan Robinson.
Destiny Carter, age 5, as Violet. Picture: Tanya Clyne.
Ella Jai Harvey as The Greatest Showman. Picture: Toni-louise Hubbert.
Russell, age 3, as Woody. Picture: Vicki Ellis Evelyn.
Annabelle Owens, age 5, as the Gruffalo. Picture: Zoe Owens.