World record attempt smashed by Jarrow kettlebell instructor

Ant Clennan, centre,in action this morning.
Ant Clennan, centre,in action this morning.

A fitness instructor believes he has smashed a Guinness World Record by shifting 40,060kg in an hour.

Ant Clennan challenged the current record of 12,500kg for the heaviest weight lifted by kettlebell swings in an hour, to raise money for the children’s heart unit at Newcastle’s Freeman hospital, today

The 38–year–old from Jarrow swung bells weighing 36kg and 24kg back and forth as many times as he could within 60 minutes.

Impressively Ant, who runs South Tyneside Kettlebells, has more than tripled the previous record.

Recordings of the challenge, which took place at the club’s base in Salem Street in Jarrow, will now be sent off to Guinness to be verified.

Ant said: “I am really pleased, it went really well and it’s not every day you break a world record.

“I started off with the 26kg bell, then I moved down to 24kg before finally finishing up on the 36kg.

“It was hard to get a grip towards the end, and my forearms were starting to ache, but I did it.

“Earlier in the week in training I had managed to move up to 50,000kg, but I think I had just ran out of steam.

“I’m not going to downplay it though, it was hard work and I’m still really pleased I’ve smashed it.”

Forty of the club’s members showed up to support Ant and of them 37 took part in the challenge themselves.

By using staggered starting times, the group paired up and used kettlebells ranging between 16kg and 35kg.

This means they all broke the current world record - but only Ant’s attempt was officially submitted.

He said: “It’s fantastic that unofficially we’re all record breakers.

“All of the 37 members who took part also smashed their own targets individually.

“But as I was the only one being officially watched then it’s my figures and footage which will be submitted.

“It’s nice that we can all say we have beaten the current record and done this all together.

“We all kept each other going.”

Members paid £10 each to take part in the challenge which has gave a boost to Ant’s fund which is standing in the region of £2,000.

Ant is now focussing on his next potential challenges and will be looking at what other records could be broken.

He said: “I am going to see what other records are out there, then I might see if other companies want to get involved with sponsorship.

“For now I am just happy to wait for Guinness to come back to me and verify this one.

“To celebrate I am going to take the fmaily out to the cinema and watch Captain America with the kids.”

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