'Would be a lovely little coffee shop' - Readers have their say on Jarrow park pavilion set for demolition

A dilapidated building in a South Tyneside park is to be demolished in the interests of public safety – here’s what you had to say about it.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 9:44 pm
The derelict Ladies Pavilion, West Park, Jarrow.

But campaigners have been keen to try and save the building from demolition.

The West Park Community Group has raised £4,000 and garnered an 800-strong petition for their plans to renovate the building, insisting that saving the pavillion – which closed around a decade ago – is vital a long-term community goal. 

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The group believes the building, which is exposed to the elements due to a damaged roof, could be renovated for £20,000.

Here’s how you reacted to the story on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Claire Davison: “Would be a lovely little coffee shop. Regularly walk over with the kids. Shame it's just going to be demolished and left to overgrow.”

Mark Young Good: “It's an eyesore and can’t be patched up. People need to move on.”

Kelly Louise Farndale: “What a waste! It's such a lovely park should be made into a little cafe or something! With a toilet! Which they don’t have and need!” 

Steve Lundell: “The building isn't safe in its current state. If it is left any longer it will only deteriorate. The 4k cash they currently have won't come near to covering the cost of the new roof and making it safe. “If someone has an accident because of the state of the building you can guarantee the same people will be on here bashing the council for not acting on it.”

Veronica Brown: “Another failure on our local council. It would be cheaper to replace roof rather then a Perspex shelter they intend to build. Easy access to encourage antisocial behaviour.”

Margaret Fletcher: “This is a good idea ... there are youths who just loiter round there drinking and smoking etc.”

Michael Jones: “It’s a derelict eyesore.”

Dave Scholey: “Could have been a youth club.”