You met Storm Doris - now get ready for Storm Ewan

Storm Doris is set to be replaced by Storm Ewan
Storm Doris is set to be replaced by Storm Ewan

The North East is expected to again largely escape the latest storm to hit Britain.

Just days after Storm Doris swept across the mainland, Storm Ewan is sweeping across Ireland and across the Irish Sea.

Yet weather experts don't expect it to reach this region with Scotland and parts of north-west Wales and England likely to suffer the brunt of any havoc.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: "The first half of the week will be cold and windy, it will start to turn milder for the second half of the week

"The area of strongest winds will arrive over north-west Wales late on Sunday morning and clear the north-east of Scotland on Monday morning," it stated.

Temperatures are expected to range between 5C-8C degrees in the North East this week with rain forecast on Tuesday and Saturday and cloudy conditions otherwise.

The current weather system has been dubbed Storm Ewan in Ireland although conditions are not severe enough in the UK to be categorised as a storm just yet.

Storms with the potential to cause a substantial impact are named by the Met Office and Met Eireann, moving through the alphabet.

The first was named Abigail in November 2015 after members of the public suggested monikers for the "name our storms" project.

Forecasters are now in their second run through the alphabet. After Ewan, Britons can expect to hear of Fleur and Gabriel.