Your pictures of Disney Magic as she visits the River Tyne

It really was a majestic sight.

Hundreds of you headed to the coast yesterday to catch a glimpse of the iconic Disney Magic cruise liner as it arrived in the North East for a short visit.

Disney Magic by Mick Naisbitt.

Disney Magic by Mick Naisbitt.

Here she is! Disney Magic arrives on the River Tyne

The ship spent a day on our shores before continuing on to Dover.

Did you go along to see it?

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures: Dannii Foy, Ian MacBeth, Jade Louise Dodds, Kelly Grainger, Lee Davison, Steven Lomas, Steven Lunt, Helen Rowe, Kirsty Rockett, Mick Naisbitt, Samantha Carr, Sarah Burns and Stephen Dixon.