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Letter of the week: 'Plenty of better sites to use for new housing in South Shields'

I would like to take this opportunity to object to the current proposal for the conversion of the Waters Edge Public House into housing.

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South Shields tree campaigners in Marsden Road, Horsley Hill.

Letter of the week: Unnecessary felling of South Shields trees is the wrong path to take

So South Tyneside Council strike again, upsetting campaigners from the South Shields Tree Action Group over the sometimes unnecessary felling of trees to make way for new paths.

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The Waters Edge site.

Letter of the week: Boardwalk idea for South Shields seafront is 'nightmare scenario'

Regarding the viewpoint from your social media pages over the Waters Edge apartment development plan for South Shields seafront

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Our letter writer describes the proposed South Shields transport interchange as "totally unnecessary". Do you agree?

Letter of the week: Want to know what's wrong with South Shields?

In his letter, Saturday June 2, Jack Wiffin asks our council to wake up to their responsibilities, mentioning the filthy state of South Shields thoroughfares; always pontificating about the Word and the renovated shambles of the market place, the latter of which one could easily put more crudely.
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The site of the housing bid.

Letter of the week: South Shields Waters Edge housing bid is 'silly idea'

What an absolute silly idea the council is proposing to consider in the application for a three-storey Waters Edge apartment block.
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Rubbish in Westoe village last Friday.

Letter of the week: More pride in South Shields is needed

Whatever is happening to the streets, back lanes and entrance to Westoe Village regarding overgrown weeds and overhanging trees?

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Our writer suggests the Laygate reading rooms should become a Primark.

Letter of the week: Why not turn South Shields landmark into a Primark?

So our Labour-dominated council wrecking spree of South Shields looks set to continue

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Sunderland fans console each other after their relegation to League One was confirmed.

Letter of the week: 'I'm a Newcastle fan and even I want Sunderland to bounce back'

I just felt I had to write about Sunderland Football Club. I’m really sad to see where they are now.

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Former Sunderland manager Chris Coleman.

Letter of the week: 'Sad to see Chris Coleman leave Sunderland'

I for one am very sad to hear Chris Coleman has been given his marching orders.
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Fighters during the Spanish Civil War.

Seeking stories from the Spanish Civil War

I am currently researching for a book on the role of North East people who were involved in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

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Our writer has sympathy with wheelchair user Tara Johnson, from Whitburn, who couldn't see at Gary Barlow's Sunderland Empire concert due to people standing in front of her.

There’s not enough respect for the disabled

I was sorry to read in the Echo how Tara, the lady in the wheelchair, had her view restricted by ignorant people at the Gary Barlow concert.

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Chris Coleman

I was sorry to hear Chris Coleman had been sacked by Sunderland

I, for one, was very sad to hear Chris Coleman had been given his marching orders by Sunderland AFC.

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Would you give over-worked teachers Friday afternoon off?

Letter of the week: Do teachers deserve Friday afternoons off?

Again I despair about the UK education system when I read that a primary school is sending students home at lunchtime on Fridays in order to lower teacher stress.

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Remember to drive over the right kind of pot hole, says our letter writer.

Letter of the week: Make sure you hit the right kind of South Tyneside pothole

As any driver in South Tyneside can tell you, the condition of the roads is an absolute disgrace.

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A van parked on the pavement in Sea Road, South Shields.

Letter of the week: South Shields pavements are for pedestrians - not vehicles

I originally wrote a letter to the Gazette on November 14, 2015, on this same article, of cars indiscriminately parking on pavements.

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Obesity is a national crisis, says Dr George Rae.

Obesity is a national health crisis which won’t go away

The publication of NHS Digital’s obesity statistics highlights the enormous scale of the problem we face with an increase of 18% in obesity-related hospital admissions in the last year.

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Will a returnable bottle scheme return?

Shields Gazette Letter of the week: Do our politicians have 'bottle' to return returnable scheme?

What a great idea to introduce a bottle return system.

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Our letter writer wonders why road repairs leave surfaces looking like patchwork quilts.

Letter of the week: 'Why do our resurfaced roads look like patchwork quilts?'

So money has been allocated to fix the potholes in our roads caused by the bad weather.

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Sunderland fans leave the stadium during the 2-0 defeat.

Letter of the week: 'I'm sick of same old rubbish spouted by Sunderland has beens and never beens'

Another bad day on Saturday followed by the latest load of bull from so-called stars about how we can still stay up, work harder etc.
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South Tyneside District Hospital.

Letter of the week: 'We are lucky to have the NHS here on South Tyneside'

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the North East Ambulance Service and South Tyneside Hospital for caring for me during my recent period of ill health.

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