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Letter of the week: 'How will South Shields ambulances get through to Sunderland or Newcastle in time?'

South Tyneside Hospital and its staff have given my handicapped brother extra years of life.
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Our writer insists that Whitburn Village Primary School is far better than its recent Ofsted report suggests.

Letter of the week: Primary's 'requires improvement' report is not the school I know

I would like to put on record that the Ofsted report, featured in your paper about Whitburn Village School does not accord with the experience I have had of the school, which is attended by my granddaughter.

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Our writer insists that cyclists are fully aware of the potential danger they pose to other road users.

Letter of the week: Cyclists are very much aware of the danger they pose

Should road traffic laws be amended to include cyclists?

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Our writer is asking readers to join the campaign for a better Metro service.

Letter of the week: South Tyneside deserves better Metro train service

Our Metros are breaking down on a regular basis, because they are nearly 40 years old, although many think they are new trains.

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South Tyneside Council should think again about collecting fines from speeding motorists near Jarrow's Scotch Estate.

Letter of the week: 'South Tyneside Council should waive speed camera fines'

So, the Traffic Penalty Tribunal has ruled that the signage exiting from Edinburgh Avenue (Scotch Estate) onto the A194 is adequate?

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A spectator photographs last weekend's fireworks display in South Shields.

Letter of the week: Can South Tyneside Council afford to splash out on annual fireworks display?

So South Tyneside Council can afford to splash out on a firework extravaganza at the seafront on November 5?

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Thousands of motorists have been caught speeding in Edinburgh Road, on the Scotch Estate, Jarrow.

Letter of the week: What a kerfuffle over the Scotch Estate speed camera

What a kerfuffle over a bus only lane on Edinburgh Road, Jarrow, and the £210,000 handed out in fines to speeding motorists.

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Our writer has a radical idea to help the Sunderland Ladies team, right.

Letter of the week: Sunderland's players should donate wages to save Ladies team from relegation

With the men’s team still struggling to cope with the transition to Championship football, it has been a delight to see the promising start to their season achieved by Sunderland Ladies.

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The Academy of Light at Cleadon. Our writer believes it hasn't produced much first-team talent for the club.

Letter of the week: Sunderland Football Club should hand over Academy of Light to Sunderland and South Shields schools

I think we all know Sunderland Football Club Academy at Cleadon is a big white elephant, just as other football clubs are finding out (Huddersfield and Brentford have closed theirs recently).

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Our writer has praised staff at South Tyneside Hospital.

Letter of the week: South Tyneside Hospital staff go that 'extra mile'

I would like to thank the hard working and dedicated doctors, nurses, physio therapists and domestics at South Tyneside General Hospital.
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Our writer thinks South Tyneside Council should do more to fight the threats facing our hospital.

Letter of the week: Council needs to do more to fight threat to South Tyneside Hospital

As many local people are aware, our access to health services at South Tyneside Hospital is under threat.

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Our writer believes the hospital has shown no regard for the people it serves.

Letter of the week: South Tyneside District Hospital has shown no regard for the people it allegedly serves

I note from the news that once again South Tyneside District Hospital (STDH) has shown absolutely no regard for the people it allegedly serves in keeping various body parts of deceased patients without the knowledge – let alone the consent – of the bereaved relatives.
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Hebburn and Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn at a previous Save South Tyneside Hospital rally

MPs spell out fears over South Tyneside Hospital future

South Tyneside’s two MPs have hit out at proposed changes to hospital services as consultations continue into the future of health care provision in the borough.

Queues on the A19 following an accident.

Letter of the week: 'Majority of A19 accidents are down to driver ignorance'

I’m writing in response to the petition to improve the A19, backed by various MPs and other parties.

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Westoe Road in South Shields town centre. Our writer fears cyclists using the road need to "wake up before its too late".

Letter of the week: South Shields cyclists ‘race recklessly’ around the town

Once again I feel I should comment on the ever growing nuisance of badly behaved cyclists in our town and the problem is worsening by the day.

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Our writer thinks The Word is a waste of space.

Letter of the week: 'South Shields's new Word library is a waste of space'

So Gary Craig, chairman of South Tyneside Business Forum, thinks if I can’t say anything nice about South Shields I shouldn’t say anything at all (July 26).
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Our writer believes something should be done about seagulls.

Letter of the week: Time something was done about South Shields seagulls

I disagree with comments by Tom Bradbury about seagulls. He has obviously not been on the receiving end of a gull attack.

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Traffic is reduced to one lane in either direction during the lengthy roadworks.

Letter of the week: Let's hope Lindisfarne roundabout improvements will end traffic delays

Now that the roadworks at the bottom of the John Reid Road and Lindisfarne roundabout are nearly complete, it has been a delight to see recently how easily traffic has been flowing with the lights ‘off’ – especially at the bottom of John Reid Road. ​

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Resident Ali Hayder near a pothole in Bedford Avenue, Laygate, South Shields.

Letter of the week: Every sympathy with South Shields residents living near 'dangerous' potholes

Re the residents call to fix "dangerous" potholes in Bedford Avenue, Laygate, South Shields (June 27).

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