365 regeneration plan moving at snail’s pace

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ONCE again questions are being asked about the infamous 365 project, lauded and hailed by Emperor Iain Malcolm and his trusty senate (lemmings).

But two years on the progress is reminiscent of a sloth, and meanwhile the town is slowly dwindling away.

Yet all our esteemed leader and his trusty council, along with six-figure Swales, are quite happy with the progress, such as the demolition of Wouldhave House and the former Gazette office (ongoing), which to me seems painful progress.

It’s no wonder that Malcolm refused to comment to the Gazette on this very matter, but Coun Anglin is “very pleased with the progress as we have achieved a lot in a very small time”.

Well then, there’s no need to worry now that he has given it his blessing, I think not.

I cannot wait to see what the next two years bring,if they think the progress so far is very good.

Jack Wiffin,

By e-mail.