A great job in tough times

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I would like to thank a bunch of people who do a good job but are always receiving negative comments.

Over the years the council has seen its money cut by the Conservative Government. It has to manage on less and less money each year, trying to please everyone. This is not possible. The North East is just an industrial desert. This is proven when we look at house prices in London compared to the North East. Could we sell our house for three quarters of a million, buy a business up here and have money in the bank, the answer is no,

But to get back to the people, I would like to thank our MP, Mr Hepburn, and his aid Keith, excellent people who get things done; Tim, from environment health, and his crew as well as Ed, from Middlefields, and his crew. Thank you too to the lads who cleaned Bede’s World. What a shame about Bede’s World. Thanks should also go to Skill Mill which has made a great job of cleaning up the Primrose nature reserve. The team at Middlefields are great in removing rubbish from our back lanes, the street cleaners as well.

If I’ve missed anyone I’m sorry, but thanks for keeping Jarrow tidy in an age when things are tough for everyone.

Mr C Wilson