A question of convenience

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Regarding the article on the portable toilets, situated at the Little Haven car park, who on earth do the councillors ,who appear to be surprised by this situation, think they are?

Do they think people are stupid?

This concern has been raised many times in the Gazette, ever since the old conveniences were demolished and the work on the promenade was started a few years ago, with no response from any councillor.

Replacement toilets were never in the plan. Why do they not listen to the public who voted them in who have queried this?

We have lost the conveniences at the Pier Head and are going to lose the facility at Ghandis Temple soon. What are they going to do about it? Nothing as usual.

A council spokeperson said they are only there until October, what happens then?

The Bents toilets close, Ghandis to close, fairground toilets close? Is there only a need for toilets in the summer months? Do people just sit at home all day?

Isn’t the council supposed to be promoting healthy lifestyles? I thought brisk walks along the coast would be an ideal recommendation – well, as long as you do not require the loo.

Do councillors visit the other town amenities?

In my opinion all our town amenities are systematically being run down by lack of ownership, ignorance, lack of appropriate skills and leadership and hardly any maintenance.

Look at the weeds in the town, blocking drains and causing flooding.

Who is going to take the blame? No one as usual. What are we paying these people for?

The councillor states that the portable toilets spoil the new promenade, did he not notice the temporary fencing on the promenade that has been there for months for no apparent reason?

John and Catherine

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