A ridiculous way to plan

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How ridiculous can this council get?

To provide Portaloos at the council tax payers expense proves that this council has no forethought when planning.

Where the swimming baths and adjacent area now there used to be public toilets, just before you entered the North Marine Park. Why were these not taken into consideration when plans were drawn?

If the council had thought that the influx of tourists required extra toilet facilities during the high season, then why were the facilities not included in the original plans?

It is a poor excuse to say there are toilets at LittleHaven Leisure, what if you are at the other end of the beach? The Little Haven Hotel is quite within its rights to stop you using its facilities.

Toilet facilities are available in the Dunes but are not very well sign posted for the tourist. Next ones are in the South Marine Park.

I bet these council chiefs will not use these facilities, these are only needed for the Great North Run or do these chiefs not know 100,000 people will be on the seafront on September 13.

I don’t think six will be enough.

Hope they sort the traffic lights at Anderson Street and Ocean Road before the race or this town will be grid locked.

Harold Ferguson,