Action needs to be taken

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I am writing this email at 4am, having been woken, yet again, by taxis waiting outside my bedroom window for fares.

As I live in Saville Lodge, Saville Street, which is a residence for the elderly, I find this very distressing.

I have repeatedly complained to the council, police and taxi licensing authority to no avail about the noise and disruption caused by these offenders.

There can number at least a dozen taxis, with their engines running and headlights flashing on our bedroom windows in the early hours of the morning, from Thursday through to Sunday.

Furthermore, the hazard this can cause to a fire engine or indeed an ambulance should it be required, is extremely dangerous.

Yet when I have approached the said taxi drivers, they have said “they are just making a living”, which is little compensation to my wife and I as well as other residents of Saville Lodge.

The council needs to take actionby implementing more taxi ranks that do not infringe on the public as it is getting totally out of hand.

Jack Wiffin