All dogs are not the same

A Staffordshire bull terrier
A Staffordshire bull terrier

I FEEL I really have to respond to the letter from a caring dog owner headlined ‘Restrain your dogs’ (Gazette, Wednesday, January 21).

 While I have every sympathy for them and their pet and what occurred, as I know first hand how upsetting this can be, I cannot condone their very ignorant point of view on this matter!

 I own a Staffordshire bull terrier and do not appreciate their comments. How very narrow-minded to brand all these named dogs aggressive, I do believe it was a ‘husky’ which attacked their pet?

 I would like to set the record straight. My dog has been attacked while on a lead, yes, on a lead, and it was not by another Staffie or a pit bull but another breed of dog.

 My dog regularly visits my parents’ home and they have a small Jack Russell ,it is lovely to see them play together,without my ‘aggressive Staffie’ attacking it.

 Please remember, that not all humans are the same, i.e. small-minded and judgemental, just as all dogs are not the same either.

 Dogs’ behaviour has to be contributed to the way they have been bought up and not always down to the breed!

A Staffie Owner’