Anger at the powers that be

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Once again our bossy Prime Minister has opened his mouth without engaging the brain,by threatening his ministers that they must toe his line with regard to a referendum vote on our continuing to be in the EU,which he obviously wants us to be in.

That is why he is toadying round Europe as we speak, to gain some trivial concessions so he can declare that he has gained the necessary concessions to warrant our membership.

However some of his senior ministers have retaliated by saying they demand to voice their own opinions on membership, so Cameron hastily blamed the press for misconstruing his remarks.

This man can not be trusted.

This brings me to our own little monopoly called South Tyneside Council, who act in the same manner as Cameron by undemocratically overriding any voice that doesn’t agree with their agenda, but unlike the Tory rebellion,the local councillors dare not voice a disagreement to the hierarchy.

They continue to muddle their way through no matter what, whilst Nero plays his fiddle as Rome burns, to use an analogy.

The exterior of what was Mothercare is an absolute disgrace through neglect, and how they expect any reputable company to be impressed enough to settle here is beyond me.

The market place on Tuesday was an absolute shambles as there were about eight to ten stalls, and considering we have had a successful market for about 200 years, which drew quite a few people, it’s now a joke, which cannot compete with market places in much smaller market towns in the North East.

Jack Wiffin

Cuts are not a punishment

Re: the idea that benefit cuts ‘are just punishing the poor’, I wonder, just who are ‘the poor’. My daughter is a minimum wage earner, single, living independently. Difficult to get much further down the ladder, I would have thought.

 Is she one of the poor I wonder? I do know she has not suffered a cut of even one pence reduction in income during the last coalition government. Indeed, her net income has increased due to income tax reductions.


No, it isn’t a conspiracy

The dirty battle being fought by the fossil fuel supporters, in all their manifestations, contrasts starkly with the inept battle fought by the tobacco companies (fortunately, meaning that progress has been made in reducing the incidence of smoking). The oil companies, and their allies, have actually succeeded in making those who see and understand the implications of climate change appear the conspirators.