Appalling misuse of disabled bays

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MY wife has mobility problems and has been issued with a Blue Badge to permit parking in designated bays.

On Wednesday, April 29, we arrived at Marsden Road Health Centre at 2pm for an appointment at 2.20pm.

The car park was full apart from one remaining disabled bay. Before I could park there another car drove into the space.

A young woman got out who clearly didn’t have mobility problems.

I complained to her that she was using a bay reserved for disabled people.

She said she was only going to be a minute and ran off towards the medical centre.

Fifteen minutes later she had still not returned.

One of the main parking bays then became available.

I transferred my wife to her wheelchair, but had to leave her unattended in the middle of the car park, while I parked my car.

On our return at 2.40pm, following our appointment, the owner of the car in the disabled bay had still not returned.

I enquired at the reception desks of the doctor’s, dentist, and community centre, but she had not been to any of those.

She eventually returned at 2.50pm.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.

I challenge people about it when I see it happening and the usual response is ‘I’ll only be a minute’, although occasionally I also get some abuse.

Even a minute to pop into a shop is thoughtless, if wrongly using a disabled bay, and could cause a lot of difficulty for a disabled person arriving within that minute.

That’s who these bays are provided for, to make life a little easier for them.

They are located near to facilities for obvious reasons, and not for the convenience of selfish people who consider their time more important than others’ needs.

One day the culprits may have need of these facilities for a family member, or even themselves.

I only hope it doesn’t take them that long to realise how thoughtless their action had been.

Syd Johnson